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Excavación de la Residencia Fortificada de un Encomendero Español, La Casa-Fuerte de Santa Sylvia, Villa San Pedro, Pucón: Informe Técnico de 1992-1993

by Américo Gordon

A report on excavation of the house of an Encomendero at a Spanish settlement from the early Conquest period in Chile. The house had two sections, each consisting of a large living room and two side rooms. It was the only structure in the settlement with a tile roof. Five Spanish men and two indigenous women were buried under the floor of the chapel. The fortified house seems to have been evacuated during the indigenous uprising of 1599, and Mapuche families may have occupied the place, until being evicted by colonists of European origin at the end of the 19th century. In the end, the land was taken over by forest. The first excavation of its kind in the southern cone. In Spanish.

Vanderbilt University Publications in Archaelogy No. 54. Published by Vanderbilt University, 2011. 83 pp. No ISBN.

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