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Flower World - Mundo Florido, vol. 4
Music Archaeology of the Americas - Arqueomusicología de las Américas

edited by Matthias Stöckli and Mark Howell

The fourth volume in a bilingual book series Flower World - Music Archaeology of the Americas that aims to raise the study of ancient music and music-related activities in the pre-Columbian Americas to a new level. The series features scientific investigations by renowned scholars of both past and living music traditions in South, Central and North America. Case studies and the results of field research projects applying a variety of music-archaeological approaches. This volume includes eight articles on North America, Mesoamerica, and the Andes. Black/white and color drawings and photographs.

Contents: Dianne Scullin: What Do Moche Whistles Want?; Arnaud Gérard A.: Tara: La estética del sonido pulsante – Una síntesis; Jonathan D. Hill: Signifying Instruments: Reflections on the Magic of the Ethnographer’s Sound Recordings; Kristina Nielsen and Christophe Helmke: A Case Study of Maya Avian Ocarinas from Pook’s Hill, Belize; Matthias Lewy: Ti qui to co: The Combinations of Syllables in the Cantares Mexicanos – A Comparison of Sound Reconstructions; Margarita Val: The World in Actions: Ritual Knowledge and Spatial Conceptions Among the Náayeri from Western Mexico; John M. Connaway: Post-Contact Trade Bells Among the Indians of the Southeastern United States. Some articles in English, others in Spanish.

Published by Ekho VERLAG (Berlin), 2015. 160 pp. ISBN: 978-3-944415-28-4 (Hard cover).

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