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Tafonomía, medio ambiente y cultura: Aportaciones a la antropología de la muerte

edited by Carlos Serrano Sánchez and Alejandro Terrazas Mata

Human beings are attracted to the topic of death, an inevitable event we all will go through. The way in which this reality is faced has varied manifestations in all cultures of the world. Each human group developed different practices and beliefs around death, according to their particular social organization and world view. For this reason, the study of beliefs related to death can reveal much about the way of life of each society. This volume contains contributions to the development of new approaches, both theoretical and methodological, in the anthropological study of death. Authors include: Victor Orgega León, David DeGusta, Gregory Pereira, Carmen Ma. Pijoan, Ximena Chávez Balderas, and Vera Tiesler Blos, among others. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2007. 181 pp. ISBN: 978-970-32-4180-4.

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