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Culturas en movimiento: Contribuciones a la transformación de identidades étnicas y culturas en América

edited by Wiltrud Dresler, Bernd Fahmel, and Karoline Noack

Latin American history usually sees the encounter between cultures as a confrontation between local and foreign, either as a violent collision or as a cultural shock generating multiple and permanent processes of social differentiation. Thus in the analysis of colonial society, both colonized and colonizers must be seen as active members of new political and economic structures. This is the approach, understood as a "production of meanings" (Geertz 1993), taken here to the contribution of culture to the definition of ethnic identities in each level of social life. This volume has as its objective to enrich anthropological and historical thought by means of an interdisciplinary approach to the processes which led to the formation of identities during prehispanic times and to the changes unleashed by the Spanish conquest. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and Instituto Ibero-americano Fundación Patrimonio Cultural Prusiano, Berlin, 2007. 462 pp. ISBN: 978-970-32-4452-2.

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