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Materiales y energía en la arquitectura de Teotihuacan

Luis Alberto Barba Pingarrón and José Luis Córdova Frunz

This volume assesses how energy was used in transforming the landscape to create the urban settlement of Teotihuacan. The exploitation of volcanic tuff, tezontle, sediments, etc., at Teotihuacan is evident in the caves and depressions these materials came from. Other materials, still present in the city in large quantities, came from much farther away. Since the effects of their exploitation are not visible nearby, these have not received much attention. Thew study explores the resources available to Teotihuacan's ancient inhabitants, the technological knowledge needed to take advantage of these resources, the materials obtained by exchange, the sources of energy available, and the nature of consumption in the city. According to the authors, the extraordinary investment in energy and labor required for the construction of Teotihuacan can be explained by an urgently felt need to control the threat of eruptions posed by nearby volcanoes. In Spanish.

Published by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas (México, D.F.), 2010. 223 pp. ISBN: 978-607-02-1608-4.

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