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La pirámide de los Nichos de Tajín: Los códigos del tiempo

Rubén B. Morante López

The Pyramid of the Niches at El Tajín is one of the emblematic architectural monuments of ancient Mexico. For many centuries it hid a well running from the very top of the building to its base. Dating to the original construction of the pryamid, it has intrigued researchers ever since its discovery by an INAH project in 1987-1988. Rubén Morante López interviewed its discoverers and studied reports in order to create the first complete interior and exterior architectural reconstruction of the Pyramid of the Niches. The astronomic and calendric meanings of the building, discussed since the 18th century because of its 365 niches, are explored with trigonometric calculations. Experiments show that the well was one of the most accurate instruments for astronomical observations made by ancient people. In Spanish.

Published by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas (México, D.F.), 2010. 217 pp. ISBN: 978-607-02-1493-6.

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