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Vida cotidiana: Xochitecatl-Cacaxtla, días-años-milenios

by Mari Carmen Serra Puche and Jesús Carlos Lazcano Arce

The archaeological complex of Cacaxtla-Xochitecatl-Nativitas consists of a large prehispanic community with two main occupations--a long Formative sequence and an Epiclassic sequence--separated by a period of abandonment during the Classic period, caused by a volcanic eruption. A second period of abandonment after the Epiclassic is also attributed to volcanic activity. This important study presents a large amount of data, as well as a general synthesis of the research results. It links the data from the project to the general development of prehispanic society in the Puebla-Tlaxcala region and to other parts of Mesoamerica. It sheds light on chronology and ceramics, the impact of volcanic eruptions, the importance of chinampa agriculture, community and regional settlement patterns, socio-political development, and local and interregional economic exchange. In Spanish.

Published by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (México, D.F.), 2011. 190 pp. ISBN: 978-607-02-2162-0.

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