Origin of the Solar System

The origin of the Earth and our Solar System has been reconstructed using the laws of chemistry and physics and by sophisticated analysis of the many clues contained within meteorites, the Earth, Moon, Sun, the other planets, and comets. We get an idea of what this early history may have looked like by viewing the spectacular images from the Hubble Space Telescope and various other telescopes. After viewing the images in these web pages you should have a better idea of how amazing it would have been to have witnessed the formation of our Solar System. You may also want to take a good astronomy class!
1. Galaxy dust: A raw material for luxury planet building
2. Star birth in molecular clouds
3. Star death: Makes the raw materials for future dust!
4. Planetary formation
5. Ancient relicts of our Solar System: Meteorites, asteroids, and comets
6. Processed relicts: The Sun and planets

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