More Cross Bedding

Not all cross-bedding is so simple! These examples give you a taste at some of the interesting things you can find if you keep your eyes open.

Alas, not all cross-beds are simple. Simple cross-beds are bed by ripples and dunes with nice linear crests. More rounded ripples and dunes cut back and forth into each other and create swooping cross-beds known as festoon cross-bedding. Here you can see festoons cutting to the left and right across the outcrop face. Actual current direction is toward the viewer.

Etna, PA

Make sure you zoom in on this one.

Here we see beds that are quite convoluted. This layers were originally roughly horizontal, but in fact were deposited on a gentle bowl-shaped bottom. Sediment on the edges of the bowl slumped toward the center, and these beds were bulldozed into these complex folds.

Near New Kensington, PA

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