A Bit of the History of
Connections Quarterly

In November of 1970, E. Dean Lovett, MD , a longtime advocate of college health nurses, started the Community College Health Services Newsletter, which he published until his death in 1986.

After that time, the newsletter, retitled Lovett Letters and later retitled Connections, was continued by a group of three nurses: Joy Corcoran of Cibolo, TX, Carol Mulvihill of Bradford, PA, and Christine Scharf of Tucson, AZ. Joy Corcoran was Editor-in-Chief from 1987 through 1991. In January 1992, Carol Mulvihill (that's me) became Editor-in-Chief and has continued to publish Connections for College Health Nurses as a quarterly publication since that time. During the Spring of 1996, Carol made the decision to offer the publication, now called Connections Quarterly (CQ) on her homepage on the World Wide Web for free beginning with the Fall 1996 issue.

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