The Wellness Center at Santa Clara University

By Carol Mulvihill, R.N.C., Editor of Connections Quarterly


Perhaps you noticed the photograph of the beautiful campus of Santa Clara University on the cover of the ETR Associates 2000-01 catalog. I decided to visit their web site and discovered some interesting information to share with Connections Quarterly readers:

The web page for the Wellness Center at Santa Clara University features a description of the Five Aspects of Wellness. The physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social aspects are described. I think everyone in college health should read it just to broaden their perspective. It inspires us and challenges us to include more than the physical and psychological aspects of health in our student health service mission. It reminded me that we are dealing with the whole person within the context of his/her life, beliefs, and circumstances. Although we know these things and have more than likely read them before, rereading these concepts serves to renew our committment to them. So I copied the info to a file, enlarged the type, taylored it to fit our campus, and then printed a copy to post onthe bulletin board in the reception area of the health center, a copy in our self-care center, and another copy on the door of our office, so that staff as well as students will read and ponder these perspectives. Thank you, Santa Clara University, for the inspiration!

The Wellness Center Newsletter titled Here's to Your Health includes articles such as "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Diets," "Top Ten Food Myths," and "Easy Spices"(which kill bacteria). All of the newsletter articles reference the original sources of the information. Several of these articles can be models and information sources for other student health newsletters.

A big "thank you" goes to Laurie Lang (, the Health Educator at Santa Clara University for permission to feature their Wellness Center in Connections Quarterly.

If you have a newsletter or other special feature on your college health website that would serve as a model or resource to other college health services, please e-mail me at and I will consider including it in a future issue of Connections Quarterly.


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