Flu Shot Clinic: E-Mail Memo


For the past three years, part of our publicity for the Flu Shot Clinic on campus has included an E-mail message which I send to the faculty-staff distribution list at our college. This has been well received and has generated responses and questions, providing a stimulating information exchange regarding influenza and the vaccine program.

I have provided a link to the E-mail memo I have developed, just in case anyone would like to copy, modify, and utilize the basic material or resources in their own publicity campaign.

The memo is the primary notification about this year's Flu Immunization Program. It contains a very nice keyboard graphic of a syringe and needle, as well as E-mail addresses/links to the CDC flu shot information sites. This is essentially the same memo I used in 1998. It is lengthy because of the attachment, but contains a lot of very good information. It generated some good E-mail discussion and dialogue with faculty and staff.

After the clinic, I type a follow up E-Mail memo to report the success of the Flu shot campaigne including the number of vaccines administered, and thanks to all who participated to make it a success.


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