Health Information Menus

The following is a list of some of my favorite college links to health information topics pertinent to the health of college students. Most of the links list health information alphabetically by topic. Most of this information is not copyrighted and can be copied and used as health information handouts for students. Remember that when you print a page from Netscape, the URL or web site address is printed across the top of the page, thus citing the source of the information on the page.

Duke University's Healthy Devil

Mississippi State University

Montana State University

University of Arizona (select Health & Wellness)

University of California at Los Angeles

University of Colorado/Boulder

University of Illinois/Urbana Champaign

University of Georgia

University of Missouri/Rolla

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin/Stevens Point

The following is an interactive health question and answer service:

Columbia University's "Go Ask Alice!"

What is your favorite web site for health information?

Let me know the web address of your favorite health information links, and what you have found practical or valuable about a particular site. I would like to print comments and input from readers in future issue of Connections Quarterly. Here is an opportunity to share your insights on web resources. E-mail input and comments to Editor Carol Mulvihill at

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