Two Top Gun Web Sites for College Health

Selected by Carol Mulvihill, CQ Editor

Want to soar through the Internet and lock-on to some incredible information resources for college health? From these two web sites you can go everywhere in the world of college health...and beyond!

College Health Links on the Internet -- Wardenburg Health Center, University of Colorado/Boulder at http://www.Colorado.EDU:80/wardenburg/Links/college.html

This website includes links to 248 college health services worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Hong Kong. This is currently the most comprehensive listing online (as of 01/16/98). A listing of Health Information for Consumers provides a virtual goldmine of resource links on General Health Topics, Medication Information, Travel Health Information, Mental Health, Pediatric Health, Sports Medicine, Health News and Journals, Government Health Links, Health Organizations, as well as a link to Wardenburg's health information brochures online. There is a very comprehensive page of links to 17 online health screening and appraisals. There is also a page on How to Subscribe to (4) College Health Listservs, an article, College Health: A Model for Our Nation's Health, and a page of 14 Links to Other College Health Sites on the Internet. This web site is managed by Tom Kunstman of University of Colorado/Boulder.

College Health in America, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point at

This is a colorfully illustrated and content-rich web site. Notable features include the following computerized health assessments online: Life Scan Health Risk Appraisal, AIDS Risk Appraisal Life Expectancy, Personality Type Assessment, Stress Management Programs, and Wellness Inventories and Appraisals. Twelve links to self-help resources, such as smoking cessation, asthma self-care and diabetes self-care are included. Links to the top 100 Wellness Sites on the Internet make this an ultimate site for wellness resources anywhere. In addition, there is a lengthy list of downloadable documents from the UWSP Health Service. This site is managed by Bill Hettler, M.D., University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point.

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