Flu Shot Clinic

In October 1996, the Student Health Service arranged a Flu Immunization Clinic on campus through the Department of Occupational Health of the Bradford Regional Medical Center to administer flu shots for $10 each to faculty, staff, and students. A total of 68 flu shots were administered.

New Computer Improves Efficiency

The the new Pentium (P5-75) Gateway computer obtained in March 1997 has provided noticably improved speed and efficiency in documentation of student health service visits, word processing and printing of files, as well as speedier access to health information on the internet.

Pitt-Bradford Health Service Website Established

During the past year, the Student Health Service web site was formatted by Director Carol Mulvihill. The web site includes links to information including Health Center Hours, List of Services, Location, In an Emergency, The Health Service Staff, Immunization Requirement, Absentee Note Policy, and the 1996-97 Annual Report of the Student Health Service.

CQ Editor in the News

Carol Mulvihill has been editor-in-chief of Connections Quarterly (CQ), the national newsletter for college health nurses since 1992. CQ made its debut on the World Wide Web in September 1996. In preparation for this endeavor, Carol had attended two HTML workshops on Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) conducted at Pitt-Bradford by computer trainers from the Pittsburgh campus, and she also attended a special tutoring session with Bill Kline of CTM Services. She created her own web page and began doing the HTML formatting of the Connections Quarterly website in August 1996.

Following the release of her web site in September 1996, an editor from Health News contacted Carol and did a feature article about her homepage in the October 1996 issue of their newsletter which has a mailing list of 3,000 college and university health professionals.

In addition, the American College Health Association (ACHA) contacted Carol and invited her to write an article about her experience of being networked and creating a web site. The article appeared on the front page of the Spring 1997 issue of Action, the newsletter of the ACHA.

When Carol attended the ACHA Annual Meeting in May 1997, she received many accolades and positive comments from her college health colleagues about the Connections Quarterly web site, as well as the articles in Health News and Action.

Chris Mackowski of the Office of Public Relations contacted Carol for an interview for an article which appeared in the Fall 1997 issue of On Course, the Pitt-Bradford magazine. Carol has received positive comments from alumni, students, and members of the local community concerning the article in On Course.

Mulvihill Conducts HTML Workshop for Student Affairs Staff

In December 1996, Carol Mulvihill taught a workshop on Hypertext Markup Language to members of the Student Affairs staff, teaching them how to start a homepage on the World Wide Web.

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