Scope of Services

  1. Nursing assessment and initial treatment of health problems and injuries.

  2. Simple diagnostic screenings: chemstrip urinalysis, and urine pregnancy test.

  3. First aid supplies and services, including ice packs, elastic bandages, crutches, wheelchair.

  4. Physician services: Medical clinic on campus biweekly with one of our campus physicians: D. Singh, M.D. or V.R. Nadella, M.D. The nurse has verbal consultation privileges with the campus physician on a daily (M-F) basis.

  5. Referrals to community agencies and services: Bradford Regional Medical Center Emergency Department, Outpatient Lab, and X-Ray Department; Physician Specialists; Dentists and Oral Surgeons; Family Planning Clinic; Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic; The Guidance Center; Pennsylvania State Health Center.

  6. Health educational programs, internet resources, and literature on a variety of health-related topics.

  7. Counseling, including health and wellness counseling, and personal problem counseling. Referrals to a clinical psychologist on campus are available, as well as referrals to the local Guidance Center.

  8. Self-Care Center for Colds

  9. Self-Care Center for Cuts

  10. Self-Care Center for Upset Stomach

  11. Blood Pressure Monitoring and Counseling

  12. Administration of Allergy Injections

Utilization Summary

During Fall Term 1996, there were 1,209 enrolled students at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. This figure included 551 resident students, the largest number in the history of the college. Consequently, it was a busy year for the Student Health Service with 3,957 total visits.

The 1,148 visits to the nurse comprised 29% of total Health Service Visits. Physician visits and consults (284) accounted for 7.2% of all visits. The Self-Care Center for Colds remained the most highly utilized area of Health Services with 2,184 visits, comprising 55.2% of total visits. The Self-Care Center for Cuts had 209 visits (5.3%), and Self-Care for Upset Stomach had 132 visits (3.3%).

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