Fine Lines

From MTV's "Smart Sex" Program

People say, "Everyone is doing it."
Well then, you'll have no problem
finding somebody else to do it with
then, will you?

What do I say to a guy who won't use
a condom? "Good-bye!"

The wake-up call for me was when a
good friend of mine got herpes. He's
got to deal with this disease for the
rest of his life, and you know, if it can
happen to him it can happen to me.

He says, "I want to show my love for
you in a real way." I say, "Buy me a
ring, size 5, no less than 2 karats."

Any guy that I'm not willing to spend
the rest of my life with is not worthy of
my womanhood.

....Yes, I am all that, and then some,
and a little bit more.

"Don't do it on the corner of a
bridge...don't fall off the bridge while
doin' it." That's what safe sex means
to me.

No orgasm is worth risking the rest of
your life for.

I found out later on that he cheated on
me. Ultimately, I realized, love does
not protect you.

You can't see AIDS. You can't
smell AIDS. You can't touch AIDS.

The sex in and of itself is a beautiful
thing. But there's a time and a place,
and if you abuse it outside of the time
and the place, you're gonna pay.

Fine Lines is a compilation of quotes from the MTV Smart Sex video. At the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, we had the list of quotes made into bookmarks which were printed and laminated on slate blue and mauve paper. The bookmarks were handouts at the Smart Sex programs.

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