101 Ways to Make Love Without Doing It

This brochure was created by Lydia P. Smith, Graduate Assistant/Health Educator, Student Health Services, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Bradford, PA 16701, 1995. Latest revision: March 1997. Input was obtained from the Residence Life Staff, Theta Siga Delta Sorority, and students who participated in Smart Sex for Men and Women. Other resources for this brochure include "101 Ways to Make Love Without Doin' It" by ETR Associates, and "101 Ways to Make Love Without Doing It" by A.P. Beutel Health Education Center of Texas A&M University.

Kiss Order wings from the Pitt Stop Play catch Go shopping Visit the campus Book Center Send each other a card Watch MTV or VH-1 Cruise the World Wide Web Register with Career Services Figure out your QPA Go to church together Watch the game Go to the mall Call each other on the phone Ask each other out on a date Recycle Save money Laugh Make a new friend Color in a coloring book Clean your room Visit the zoo Cry during movies Read each other's horoscopes Talk about Smart Sex Read this brochure! Go mountain biking Go cross-country skiing Go for a picnic in the park Study Together Play computer games Read to each other Go out to dinner Rent a movie Go grocery shopping Feed each other popcorn Sing to each other Go star gazing Eat by candlelight Go fishing in the dark Feed each other grapes Cuddle up close with hot chocolate Take a walk together Read a romantic poetry book to each other Talk about your feelings Do the hustle Sit in a hot tub together Watch the sunset together Eat ice cream cones together Give each other big hugs Think of things you like about each other Get up early for the sunrise Go to the Bradford movie theater Play a board game Play tennis Kiss each other on the cheek Cuddle on the couch Go swimming Eat at Perkins Swing at the playground Look into each other's eyes Hold hands Play in the rain Give each other back rubs Go for a long drive Lie in fresh cut grass Create dinner for each other Go to a soccer game Take a walk along the creek Attend the Winter Weekend formal Play broom hockey Go ice skating Eat dinner together in the cafeteria Send e-mail Play in the snow Read magazines in the Hanley Library Buy a pet and share a life Just spend some quality time together Play lacrosse Watch FRIENDS on TV Paint together Play Rummy Enjoy a cappuccino at the Highlight Cafe Share an ice cream soda Go to a party Have a slumber party (without sex) Play Twister Make sundaes Meditate Share fantasies Rollerblade around the loop Take a field trip to Niagara Falls Attend a rock concert Go the the Pitt-Bradford play Pledge a social or service organization Start a new club Go to a basketball game Work out at the gym together Experience virtual reality for the first time Go bungee jumping Go water skiing Feed each other chocolate Attend an ACES program Dirty dance Learn a foreign language Work on your homepage together Make a tape of your favorite songs Listen to each other Get tested for HIV Wink to each other Write love letters Hug a tree in the Quad Buy a new CD Tell why you respect each other Brush each other's hair Smile Attend a volleyball match Perform in Airband Create a photo album of each other Plan a Spring Break trip Attend an SAC event Touch each other in a loving way Do laundry together on a Saturday morning Kiss Meet the parents Send each other a secret valentine in The Source Tell them you love them

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