The Health Service Staff 1996-97


Carol The Student Health Service is under the direction of Carol Mulvihill, B.S.N., R.N.,C., who is employed in a 9-month full-time position. Carol has served 23 years as Director of Health Services at Pitt-Bradford. (See photo at left.)

Jane Boudin, R.N. has completed her second year as a college health nurse in a part-time (ten hr./week) position. She works on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, providing nursing assessment, treatment and referral services.

D. Singh, M.D. and V. R. Nadella, M.D. continue to serve as our college physicians. A physician is scheduled to conduct medical clinic on campus every two weeks and the nurses have daily verbal consultation privileges with the physician on call.
Cindy Cavallero continues serve as the Administrative Secretary for both Housing (75%) and Health Services (25%). Cindy has served 21 years as secretary in Student Affairs at Pitt-Bradford. Cindy
CarlaFreshman undergraduate student Carla Peterman served her first year as office assistant and manager of the Self-Care Center in her 10 hour-per-week work-study position in Health Services.
Graduate Assistant, Melinda Moz, who is enrolled in a Master's Degree program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, worked three days per week in the various divisions of Student Affairs, including Housing, Student Health Services, Career Planning, and Student Activities, gaining experience in programming and leadership. She was assigned to a special health education project for the student health service. Melinda


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