Breakfast: Waking Up to a Healthy Start

Review by Carol Mulvihill, Connections Quarterly Editor

Breakfast: Waking Up to a Healthy Start is an interesting abstract from Food Insights published by the International Food Information Council (IFIC). It includes results of studies indicating that eating a healthy breakfast improves academic performance and reduces irritability! It concludes with practical breakfast tips applicable to any age group.

Our graduate assistant for Student Affairs has 1/4 time responsibility for Health Services. I utilize her time in providing health education services. One of her recent projects was to gather some interesting information on a variety of health topic from internet resources, print them on colored paper, arrange 5 or 6 of the articles in a spiral-bound booklet, and place them on the tables in the reception area of the health center for students to browse. Copies were also made available in the literature rack in the Self-Care Center. The Breakfastarticle/abstract will be included in our next booklet of health educational articles.

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