Free Nutrition Information Resources from IFIC

A Web Site Resource Review by Carol Mulvihill, R.N.,C, Editor, Connections Quarterly

Looking for a virtual gold mine of interesting, well-researched nutrition information for educators, health care providers, and consumers? Check out the International Food Information Council (IFIC) web site at and click on the link to descriptions of their publications.

The purpose of the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation is "to provide sound, scientific information on food safety and nutrition to journalists, health professionals, educators, government officials and consumers." This nonprofit organization is based in Washington, D.C.

The IFIC offers a wide variety of free brochures, newsletter and nutrition information resources which can be utilized by health providers and educators. Single FREE copies of more than 100 publications are available from them via an online order form.

The free educational booklets (12-20 pages each), include such topics as:

Free educational brochures include

Referenced white papers on important topics in nutrition and food safety can also be ordered via an online order form on their web site. Topics include:

In addition, you can choose to receive (free) any 4 of 80 listed articles reprinted from the Food Insight bi-monthly newsletter. They also offer other nutrition resources and quantities of their publications for a nominal fee. For mere pennies, the IFIC even offers "camera-ready" artwork to make your own economical black and white copies of certain IFIC Foundation brochures! How's that for helpful and practical? This reflects the fact that the IFIC is not only service oriented, but that they also have a commitment to maintaining the high quality of reproduced educational material which has their name on it.

Do check out the Publications page of the IFIC Foundation web site. These practical nutrition resources can give a boost to your health literature rack and update your health information files, at a cost that even the smallest nurse-directed college health service can afford! The fact that the information is scientifically researched gives credibility to the use of these resources in the college health setting.

Information on the web site states that permission is granted to reprint text and graphics from IFIC Foundation publications, provided the following attribution is included: Reprinted from the International Food Information Council Foundation, (year of publication).

IFIC is to be commended for making nutrition education easier for health care providers and educators by providing credible resources without barriers to use and distribution of their materials. Their web site is a great resource for college health centers on limited budgets!

When you sign the guest book at the IFIC web site, you can tell them Connections Quarterly sent you!

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