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Pain Program FAQs

What is the chronic pain program?

The University of Pittsburgh Clinical Psychology Center has a program to treat children, teenagers, and adults who suffer from chronic pain.  We have designed an outpatient psychotherapy program to complement the medical treatment you are receiving.  The goals of the program are:

  • to increase the ability to cope with pain so it interferes less with daily activities
  • to reduce the need to take strong painkilling medicaitons
  • to reduce pain and suffering

    Why is it important to incorporate psychotherapy into pain treatment?

    Research and clinical experience have shown that the best approach to treating chronic pain involves both traditional medical treatment and psychotherapy focused on pain management techniques.  Chronic pain can be very difficult to deal with and often leads to feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or chronic worry.  Indeed, research has shown that pain is perceived to be worse when accompanied by negative emotions or when the pain is the focus of attention.  Pain management psychotherapy can help in coping with the pain and can reduce the negative emotions that worsen pain.

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