George C. Tseng (曾建城)
Professor and Vice Chair for Research
Department of Biostatistics (primary appointment)
Department of Human Genetics
Department of Computational & Systems Biology

130 Desoto Street, Public Health (Parran Hall) 7117
Graduate School of Public Health
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Phone: 412-624-5318, Fax: 412- 624-2183

Welcome to visit my webpage! No matter you come for a professional or a personal reason, below are some brief words of myself.

I am a statistician and bioinformatician by training and have been blessed to serve at the University of Pittsburgh since 2003 with rich statistical and biomedical collaborative environment. The high-dimensional issues in omics data are a common theme in my research team.

I am a mentor and advisor to mostly PhD students and also some master and undergraduate students. It's a genuine joy to work with so many talented and lovely students and see their transformation and growth.

I am a father of six children. They happen to be in the boy-girl-boy-girl-boy-girl order. The probability of alternating gender is 1/32=3.125%, just enough to reject a conventional null hypothesis although this is surely a coincidence.

I am a son of God, follower of the Son of God. This most important identity took me many years to learn by heart after some highs and many humbling lows in life.

If you're interested in my research, here's my research group homepage:

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)
The fear (knowledge) of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. (Proverbs 9:10)