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Email damodak@pitt.edu to report any issues with the NMR facility.

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Dr. Damodaran Krishnan Achary

Director of NMR Facility

Research Professor of Chemistry

What we do ?

As the Director of NMR facility:

Administration of the state-of-the-art High Field NMR facility at the chemistry department at Pitt with over $4M in advanced instrumentation. This includes,

  • Coordinating a sophisticated maintenance program to keep the entire NMR facility running at its best every day of the year.
  • Our highest priority is keeping the magnets cold! This is done via weekly liquid nitrogen fills and quarterly liquid Helium fills for all the eight NMR magnets.
  • Train anyone (not just from chemistry but from any department at Pitt) interested in using our NMR facility. Non-chemistry personnel will have access to only the walk-on spectrometers (300, 400, 500)
  • Advise faculty, post-docs, graduate students and undergraduates on the design and planning of solution NMR spectroscopy experiments.
  • Provide NMR spectroscopic analysis service for local academia and industry users.

As Research Professor of Chemistry:

My work is on the application of solution and solid state NMR spectroscopy to interdisciplinary areas of science. Also we use theoretical calculations to compliment NMR spectroscopic observations. Please see my research page for more information.