Knoist and His Three Sons

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Between Werl and Soest there lived a man whose name was Knoist, and he had three sons. One was blind, the other lame, and the third stark naked. Once they were walking across a field, where they saw a hare. The blind one shot it, the lame one caught it, and the naked one put it in his pocket. Then they came to a tremendously large body of water, on which there were three ships. One leaked, one sank, the third had no bottom in it. All three got into the one with no bottom. Then they came to a temendously large forest in which there was a temendously large tree. In the tree was a temendously large chapel. In the chapel was a sexton of hornbeam wood and a parson of boxwood, who were passing out holy water with cudgels.

Blessed is he
Who from this holy water can flee.

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Revised September 9, 2006.