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Odin's Day

LanguageName of DayMeaning
English Wednesday Wodan's day
Old Norse Oðensdagr Odin's day
Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Onsdag Odin's day
Dutch Woensdag Wodan's day
Modern Icelandic Miðvikdagur Mid-week day
Modern German Mittwoch Mid-week
Latin Mercurii dies Mercury's day
Italian Mercoledì Mercury's day
French Mecredi Mercury's day

Writings Attributed to Odin

Survivals of Odin in Christian Northern Europe

Depictions of Odin

Motifs associated with Odin include an eight-legged horse, a spear, a missing eye, and two ravens.

The illustration on the right is a detail from a standing stone found on the Island of Gotland, Sweden. It depicts Odin astride his eight-legged horse Sleipnir. Click here to see the entire picture stone.
This small copper alloy figure is possibly a representation of Odin, who gave one eye in exchange for wisdom. The statue belongs to the Statens Historiska Museet, Navavagen, Sweden.

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