World Record for "Hottest Firewalk" set in Washington

McDermott's feet after the walkOn Saturday, October 18, 1997, near Redmond Washington, a group of 23 people (one has requested that their name not be listed) walked a 3.5 meter long firebed, participating in setting a new world record for the hottest fire intentionally walked on by a human being. The hottest part of the fire, which was approximately 0.5 meters long, ranged in temperature from 1,602 deg F to 1,813 deg F. A leaf blower was used to attain these temperatures, all ash was blown off a portion of the bed in doing so. The previous world record was set at 1,575 deg F on September 19, 1987.

Not all of the participants stepped on the hottest part of the bed, and not everyone placed both feet on the hottest part. It remains true that only Michael "walked" when it was at its very hottest.

Michael McDermott placed both feet in the middle of the hottest part when the interior of that portion was at 1,813 deg F, as measured by a Fluke Model 51, k-type thermocouple. The average surface temperature of the part that he placed both feet on was above 1,750 deg F, as measured by a hand held Omega infrared thermometer. McDermott's feet after the walk had some red patches and a dime sized blister on one instep, but there was no apparent evidence of more serious damage.

The temperature listed is the highest temperature at which the person listed walked. Most people walked more than once.

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