Instructions for Making a Bed of Nails

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Materials required:
    •     Plywood board, 26" x 56" x 1"
    •     Panelling, 26" x 56" x 0.25"
    •     12, 1" flat head wood screws
    •     1375, 8" Aluminum gutter spikes

Type of spike used for the larger bottom bed.
Larger spike
Type of spike used for the smaller top bed.
Small spike
Tools needed:
    •     Saw for cutting board to size
    •     Drill, with a bit of the same diameter as the gutter spikes, or very slightly smaller
    •     Screwdriver
    •     Hammer


  •     Cut both boards to size.
  •     Mark a grid on the plywood with lines 1" apart, parallel to the sides and ends, see Figure 1.
  •     Drill a hole at each of the intersections, orthogonal to the board's surface.
  •     Drive a spike through each of the holes.
  •     Sandwich the nail heads between the plywood and the panelling, using the 1" wood screws to secure the panelling to the                 plywood, see Figure 2.
 •     If you wish to "dress it up some", paint the boards after drilling the holes and use aluminum "L" channeling to finish the edges.
Figure 1 and 2

Enjoy and use with care.

Getting on and off are the tricky parts. Always put a lot of area on the board and have a pillow between your head and the nails, I use a sandbag.

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