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neutrino-nucleus generators - present and future

June 9-11, 2013

PITTsburgh Particle physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology Center
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
University of Pittsburgh

The purpose of the workshop is get experimenters, theorists, and phenomenologists together to discuss existing neutrino-nucleus event generators and future needs. These codes are at the core of all Monte Carlo simulations; existing detector groups depend on their success for understanding analysis. With the new era of liquid Argon detectors well underway, this is an excellent time for this unique mix of people to plan the future.

Organizers: Steve Dytman (Pitt,, Donna Naples (Pitt,, Hugh Gallagher (Tufts,, Jorge Morfin (Fermilab,, Sam Zeller (Fermilab,
Administrator: Cindy Cercone (


  • Hiro Tanaka (UBC/TRIUMF)
  • Kevin McFarland (Roch)
  • Flavio Cavanna (L'Aquila/Yale)
  • Teppei Katori (MIT)
  • Jorge Morfin (FNAL)
  • Yoshinari Hayato (ICRR)
  • Joe Carlson (LANL)
  • Bill Donnelly (MIT)
  • Luis Alvarez-Ruso (Valencia):
  • Steve Mrenna (FNAL)
  • Arie Bodek (Roch)
  • Ken Clark (PSU)
  • Chris Mauger (LANL)
  • Camillo Mariani (VT)
  • Peter Sinclair (Imperial)
  • Dave Schmitz (Chicago)
  • Ornella Palamara (LNGS/Yale)
  • Jan Sobczyk (Wroclaw)*
  • Gerry Garvey (LANL)*
  • Kendall Mahn (UBC)
  • Martin Tzanov (LSU)
  • Omar Benhar (Rome)
  • Phil Rodriguez (Roch)
  • Hugh Gallagher (Tufts)
  • * via phone connection


  • Members of PITT PACC
  • Brian Coopersmith (Rutgers)
  • Chun-Min Jen (VT)
  • Wally van Orden (JLab)
  • Robert Acciari (FNAL)
  • Karol Lang (Texas)
  • Eric Christy (Hampton)
  • Oscar Moreno (MIT)
  • Robert Hatcher (FNAL)
  • Jackie Schwer (Colo St)
  • Sam Zeller (FNAL)