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Miscellaneous sites:
Medical Biochemistry Center(Biochemistry reference site)
Diabetes Health Economics Study Group

Global Health Network Related Homepages:
Population and Reproductive Health
Diabetes in Latin America (Bilingual resource homepage soon to be up)
GHNet Laboratory Homepage
Molecular Epidemiology Homepage
The Global Health Disaster Network
Women's Health Page
Physical Activity and Health Network
Minority Academic Institutions:
Compiled by the Federal Information Exchange, Inc., Minority On-Line Information Service(contains information on minority institutions, federal opportunities, scholarships and fellowships, and current events relevant to minority groups in the U.S.)
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (listed alphabetically)
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (listed by state)
Hispanic Institutes (HSI)(listed alphabetically)
Hispanic Institutes (HSI)(listed by state)
Minority Specific Web Sites: (Not health-related)
Native American Sites
Indian Country: American Indian Resources (IHS)

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