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Ethnology, the journal, was founded in 1962 by George P. Murdock with the goal of offering the broadest range of general cultural and social anthropology of any anthropological periodical in the United States. In its 50-year existence, Ethnology achieved wide circulation throughout the world and a deserved reputation as one of the most comprehensive and extensively-cited anthropological journals. Publication was suspended after the appearance of Volume 51 in 2012. However, Ethnology’s past content, including many classic articles that have been widely reprinted, is available to all as an open-access resource managed by the University Library System of the University of Pittsburgh.

Ethnology Monographs also achieved wide recognition throughout the half-century of Ethnology’s existence. These in-depth publications report on the results of four-field anthropological research, and many remain noteworthy today. The Contemporary Pacific says of the most recent of these (No. 21, 2012) "Polynesian Outliers: The State of the Art will likely be the definitive general reference on Polynesian outliers for years to come.” Most Ethnology Monographs are still available in print copy and can be ordered through this website (see the Ethnology Monographs tab to the left).