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I am Farjana Siddiqua, PhD candidate, and Andrew William Mellon Predoctoral fellow at the Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh. I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree in Applied Mathematics. My advisors are Dr. William Layton and Dr. Catalin Trenchea. I have joined University of Pittsburgh in Fall 2018 as a PhD student. You can see the list of my research papers here . I conduct monthly Pitt Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Student Seminar Series.

My major field of research is Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing. My research interests span numerical analysis of partial differential equations, computational fluid dynamics, and large eddy simulation of turbulent flows. Computational fluid dynamics is important for food processing and storage, geophysical systems, waste disposal, cooling systems, biopharmaceuticals and many more. Understanding these dynamics in minute detail is crucial for optimizing these systems, and it helps manufacturers save costs, improve efficiency, and reduce environmental impacts. The accurate numerical simulation of flows of an incompressible, viscous fluid, with the accompanying complexities occurring in practical settings, is a problem where speed, memory, and accuracy never seem sufficient. My Ph.D. research is critical because it leads to improvements in the applied areas of biomedicine, and pharmaceutical development, as well as for continuing to improve the stability of viscosity models and the accuracy of turbulent flow simulation while reducing computational costs.

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