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Spring 2004 Senate Plenary Planning Committee

Meeting on Workshops

Minutes for January 7, 2004


Attending:  Fran Czak, Jean Ferketish, Irene Frieze, Stephanie Hoogendoorn,  Randi Koeske, Padi McFadden, Ellen Olshansky, Jo Olson, Ann Ostroski, Richard Tobias, Amy Wagner, Kathie Wishner, Darlene Zellers


We began the meeting with a review of plans for Main event activities and written report.  For more information on this, see .


We than discussed three different scenarios for the workshops, described below as Plans A, B and C:





In order to make sure we heard from everyone, each person was asked to provide her or his thoughts.  Points raised included:


There was general agreement with Plan C, with the modification that most of the workshops be held from March 29 through April 2.


We then discussed questions such as: What is the purpose of the workshops?  Who is the audience for the workshops?  What should the content of the workshops be?  When should the workshops be held?


Since we ran out of time, we decided to have another meeting in late January to continue the discussion of the workshops and finalize issues such as when and where they should be held. 


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