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Minutes of Spring Plenary Planning Committee Meeting on Workshops

February 5, 2004


Attending:  Patty Beeson, Fran Czak, Paula Davis, Irene Frieze, Stephanie Hoogendoorn, Padi McFadden, Ellen Olshansky, Lorie Osho, Maureen Porter, Jennifer Stephan, Richard Tobias, Amy Wagner, Darlene Zellers


Overview of Plan for Workshops

  • Most workshops will be scheduled from March 24 through April 5.
  • Additional workshops will be scheduled after the Plenary.  Information about this will be available at the Plenary.
  • Workshops will be advertised along with the Plenary.  All materials will have to be ready by February 20.
  • We will ask people to register for workshops in advance to assist in planning, but will accept walk-ins at the actual workshops.
  • Some workshops should be scheduled on upper campus and others on lower campus.  At least some workshops should be from noon to 1 so that staff can attend.
  • Workshop leaders will be asked to prepare a brief report after their workshop.  These will be placed on the website.
  • Workshop participants will be asked to provide e-mail addresses and to evaluate the workshop.
  • Workshops participants will be added to a mailing list for future mailings.
  • A goal of each workshop will be to help formulate some specific suggestions for our written report for the plenary and to assist in developing recommendations for the report.


Tentative List of Workshops-as of February 6.  [This includes additional input provided after the meeting].

  1. Presentations by female faculty, Women’s Studies students and staff about how women can manage careers. Intended for undergraduate students and co-sponsored by Campus Women’s Organization.  Jennifer Stephan
  2. Strategies for combining work and family.  Amy Wagner, Darlene Zellers, Padi McFadden and Randi Koeske.  [This may be broken into more than one session.  Those involved will meet and discuss this].
  3. Pitt’s maternity and family leave policies. This will focus on staff benefits.  Lorie Osho.
  4. Discussion of issues women will encounter in professional jobs.  “Things your mother never told you.”  Consuella Lewis
  5. Issues for women in the sciences.  Guy Nicoletti and Stephanie Hoogendoorn
  6. Bridging the gap for women of different races?  Paula Davis & Padi McFadden
  7. Games your mother taught you—Creating a relational workplace.  Ellen Olshansky
  8. How to be a more effective negotiator.  Kathie Wisner.
  9. Leadership skills for women.  Audrey Murrell
  10. Changing the climate to improve experiences of women students.  Co-sponsored with Campus Women’s Organization.  Jennifer Stephan and Richard Tobias.
  11. Lesbian Women at Pitt.   Ray Anne Lockard.




Next Meeting on Workshops – February 18 from 10-11:30 in 4127 Sennott Square.  Agenda items include:

  • Finalization of names, tentative dates, and type of room for each workshop.  In addition to the titles of the workshops, each workshop leader should prepare a 1 or 2 sentence description of the purpose of the workshop.
  • Finalize procedure for workshop registrations.
  • Discuss draft of format for workshop reports.  Darlene Zellers.
  • Discuss draft of form for workshop participants.  Maureen Porter.