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February 6, 2004 Minutes-Draft for comments

Senate Spring 2004 Plenary Planning Committee Meeting


Attending:Kit Ayars, Fran Czak, Jean Ferguson Carr, Paula Davis, B. Jean Ferketish, Kathryn T. Flannery, Irene Frieze (chair), Ann Sutherland Harris, Stephanie Hoogendoorn, Scott Kiesling, Randi Koeske, Consuella Lewis, Ray Anne Lockard, Ellen Olshansky, Josephine Olson, Lorie Johnson Osho, Maureen Porter, Jen Stephan, Elsa Strotmeyer, Amy Wagner, Darlene Zellers



  • Website is continually updated to let people know about our plans.Irene Frieze and Jamia Canlas are working on this. See .
  • Honorsí Convocation.3pm.February 27.Catherine DeAngelis is the speaker. She is a female member of the Board of Trustees and has made public statements about their needing to be more women on the Board.
  • Guiding Principles developed by Maureen Porter were accepted earlier.Copies were distributed to remind us about these.The Porter Principles are also available on the website.
  • Amy Wagner presented a list of books on womenís issues that might be of interest to the committee.We thought this was an interesting list and it has been put on the website.Others are invited to submit titles of other books.



  • Stephanie Hoogendoorn reported on her contacts with student groups. She has visited several groups and let them know about the plenary.Some of the groups have agreed to be listed on our website.
  • A meeting on workshops was held on February 5.Minutes of this meeting were distributed.†† An additional workshop meeting will be held on February 18.


Review of Plans for April 7.

  1. When and Where?2 to 5 pm.Assembly Room, William Pitt Union.
  2. Information Packets.All attendees will be given a set of materials.Any suggestions should be sent to Randi Koeske, who will be organizing the packets.
  3. Exhibit.History of Women at Pitt exhibit will be displayed in Hillman Library and then moved to Plenary site.Amy Knapp will be coordinating this.Amy has also arranged for us to have the display cases at the entrance to Hillman Library for materials relating to the Plenary and to women at Pitt.
  4. Major speaker:Joan Reede [Harvard]. We donít have a title yet.Jo Olson will be introducing her.
  5. Panel:Creating and Sustaining the Success of Pitt Women.Lisa Brush organized with with the help of Joan Lakoski

a.       Audrey Murrell will chair.

b.      Panelists will be:Carolyn Ban, Arthur Levine, and Jane Thompson.

  1. Presentation of Recognition for Service to Women at Pitt.PACWC
  2. The schedule was discussed.A break was added to the schedule.The final detailed schedule is available on the website.


Publicity.Darlene Zellers discussed some ideas about publicity.She is working on this with Fran Czak and Irene Frieze.Fran will be sending out printed notices to all Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs, as well as to faculty and others on the Senate mailing list.This should go out before Spring Break.It was requested that this letter ask administrators to release staff to attend the Plenary and workshops.In addition, materials will be distributed through e-mail.


Written Report.Kathryn Flannery will chair this effort.Jean Carr will be preparing some material on the history of women at Pitt.Scott Kiesling volunteered to reorganize the rough draft of recommendations to see how they map on to our mission statement.Drafts of possible sections for the report and ideas about recommendations are requested by March 1, when a committee is meeting to prepare a draft of the report for discussion with the larger Planning Committee.