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Minutes of Spring Plenary Planning Committee Meeting on Workshops

February 18, 2004 draft for comments


Attending:  Kit Ayars, Fran Czak, Paula Davis, Jean Ferketish, Irene Frieze (chair), Consuella Lewis, Lorie Osho, Ann Ostroski, Maureen Porter, Amy Wagner, Darlene Zellers.


Form to get information needed on Workshop leaders.  Darlene presented a form she developed to collect all the information we need from each workshop leader.  Some changes were recommended.  The form will be finalized and sent to all potential workshop leaders.


Finalizing Workshops.  We briefly discussed each workshop.  Most workshops will be held in Sennott Square, which is centrally located to upper and lower campus.  Each workshop should collect a list of participants and should address possible recommendations for the final report.  It should also be determined if workshop participants would be interested in a future workshop on a related topic.  Notes should be taken about the topics discussed.  It would be useful to assign someone the job of Recorder to ensure that these notes are taken.


Dates and Rooms for Workshops.  Fran Czak will be arranging this.  All workshop leaders need to discuss their needs with her.