cross-cultural research
Cross Cultural Study of Attitudes About Work and Gender Roles
Project Policy

1. This is a collaborative project involving researchers from many different countries.

2. Any scholar who wishes to participate is welcome. To participate, the scholar must collect data to be added to the combined data file.

3. Requirements for data collection

a. Data collection should involve basic demographic information and other scales from the basic survey. Additional items can be added. (It is recommended that the entire set of items for a concept be used. Using only a subset of the items on any scale greatly decreases the usefulness of the data, although deletions of 2 to 3 items are acceptable.)

b. A detailed description of the testing conditions and the characteristics of the sample should also be included with the data set. Be sure to specify the major field of the students tested.

c. The survey used and its back translated English version should be included with the data set.

d. All data and other materials should be sent to Irene Frieze at the Department of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA or in e-mail to Data can be sent on answer sheets or as a computerized raw data file or as an SPSS export file.

4. The person who collects the data "owns" her or his particular data.

a. By providing the data to the joint file, the data owner gives other collaborators the right to analyze that data and write papers about it.

b. Any papers involving the data collected by one of the research collaborators should include her (or his) name as a co-author.

c. The data owner should be provided with a draft of any paper with her or his data before it is published.

5. As a general rule, the person who does the major writing and conceptualization of a paper will be first author.

6. Any participant in the collaborative project can request a copy of the combined data file.

7. A copy of any paper done with the data from any part of the combined data set should be sent to both Irene Frieze and Anuska Ferligoj.

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