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Benchmark Institutions                                                                                                                                        Draft



Women’s Initiatives by Category


(Benchmark=Top Public Universities ranked by The Lombardi Program on Measuring University Performance based on levels of research funding)


Academic Programs, Departments, Research Centers

            Women’s Studies

            Gender Studies

            Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program (Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

            Center for the Study of Women

            Institute for Research on Women and Gender

                        Michigan Initiative for Women’s Health

            Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research (Florida)

            Women’s Studies Research Center (Madison)

            Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (Texas)

            Southwest Institute for Research on Women (Arizona)

            Committee on Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Studies (Arizona)

                        Sex, Race and Globalization Project (Arizona)


Administrative Offices

            Diversity Office

                        Campus Climate Assessment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and                                                    Transgendered Persons (Arizona)

            Office for University Women (formerly Commission on Women; unit of the Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs--Minnesota) houses:     
                                                            Undergraduate Women’s Program

                                                            Civil Service/Bargaining Unit--Women’s Initiative

                                                            University Women’s Consortium

                                                            University Women of Color

                                                            Women in Science and Engineering

                                                            Women’s Leadership Institute

                                                            National Initiative for Women in Higher Education



            Curricular Crossings:  Women’s Studies and Area Studies

                        (Five College Women’s Studies Research Center)

            Women’s Advocacy Network (CIC: Committee on Institutional Cooperation Big 10 + Chicago)


Councils and Commissions

            Council on the Status of Women (Iowa)

            President’s Advisory Council on Women’s Issues

            Commission for Women (Penn St.)

                        Office of the Provost for Educational Equity (Fostering Diversity)

            Associated University Women (Iowa)


Discipline-Specific Programs

            Women in Engineering (Berkeley)

            Women and Science Program (WS-UNC)

            Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (Madison)

            Women in Science and Engineering (Iowa)

            Women in Control Society (Control Systems--Georgia Tech)

            Women@College of Computing (Georgia Tech)

            Women in Business (Georgia Tech)


Hiring / Leadership / Mentoring

            Women’s Leadership Forum (Oct. 25, 2003 OSU)

            Administrative Fellows Program (Penn State)

            Women Faculty Mentoring Program 1989 (Madison)

            Faculty Strategic Hiring Initiative (Madison)

            Domestic Partnership Policy (Madison)

            Dual Career Network (Iowa)

            Dual-Career Assistance Program (Purdue)


Libraries / Librarians / Archives

            Women and Gender Resources Library (UIUC)

            Women’s Studies Library (OSU)

            Reading Women’s Lives Electronic Bookshelf Project

                        (Feminist Pedagogy Resources and Tools--WS-OSU)

            Women’s Studies Librarian (Madison)

            Iowa Women’s Archives (1992)



            UM-GIRL (Using Mathematics:  Girls Investigate Real Life

                        University-Schools consortium (UMICH)

            SmartGirl (UMICH and NSF)

            Women’s Studies Outreach (Madison)


Scholarship / Grant Programs

            Critical Difference for Women


Student Support

            Office of Women’s Programs (UIUC)

                        Student Support Services

            Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Campus Resource Center

                        Student and Campus Life                                 

            Multicultural Center

                        Includes Women Student Services (OSU)

            University of Iowa Gender Equity in Sports Project (2000)


Women’s Centers (advocacy and policy)

            The Women’s Place at Ohio State (1997)

                        Committing the quality of life for the community of women within and beyond.      

            Center for the Education of Women 

                        Women of Color in the Academy Project (UMICH)

                        Michigan Women’s Leadership Project

                        Faculty Work-Life Study

                        Michigan’s Educational Environment for Women

                        Family Care Resource Program

                        Junior Women Faculty Network

            Center for Women and Men

                        increase access and retention of students by promoting gender equity, opportunity and advocacy and by    addressing issues affecting campus climate  (UCLA)

            Carolina Women’s Center (1996)

                        promote equitable and empowering environment through education, support, advocacy and
                        diversity --serving faculty, staff, students, and alumnae (UNC-Chapel Hill)

                                    Leadership Project


            Women’s Center (2001--Texas A&M)

            Women’s Resource & Action Center (Iowa)

            Women’s Resource Center (Georgia Tech)


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