Assignment 1: Questions

Please answer the following questions:

  1. List as many unique advantages as you can that on-line merchants enjoy, in general, because of the Internet.
  2. List as many unique disadvantages as you can that on-line merchants suffer, in general, because of the Internet.
  3. Visit the following sites, all of which began as "brick and mortar" businesses:

    Best Buy for electronics

    Levis for clothing

    Travelocity for travel

    Borders for books, videos for fine automobiles

    Which of the disadvantages affect each site?  How does each attempt to minimize those disadvantages? (Note: some disadvantages might be impossible to remedy)!

  4. Think about these and other products or services that could be sold on line. Considering all products or services, both available or unavailable on-line, what categories, types, or kinds of products or services are more conducive to Web sales, and what types are less conducive to Web sales? Explain why you included each type. Please do not list highly similar and specific products.  That is, don't list tapes and records as separate items (they should be grouped as commodities).

Please number your answers so that your answers can be found reliably!