Instructions for Scanning in the Rockwell Lab

by Geoff Harkness

The scanner is available for use at any time during lab hours. It is located next to the PC set up for virus scanning. Images as well as text may be scanned in to the computer.

Applications to be used when scanning:


Place material to be scanned on the scanner - top right comer is the starting point, but it does not have to be perfectly placed.

  1. Click on File.
  2. Click on Scan.
  3. Click on Acquire. This will scan the image in. Do not be alarmed by the dismal quality of your image, it is a result of the vivid 16 color display! Chances are your image will look great if you go somewhere with a higher quality setup.
  4. Click on the box that displays the image type, and click on Color Photo.
  5. To select onlv a portion of the image to save:
    1. Click on the image and drag the box which outlines the image to the desired size. - Click on Zoom, this will redraw the image.
    2. Click on the scaling arrows to adjust the size of the image. Note: The larger the image, as denoted by the size of the file (which will change as the scaling changes), the slower it will be when downloaded to your page.
  6. When finished adjusting the image:
    1. Click on Final
    2. Click on File.
    3. Click on Save As.
    4. Indicate B: and file type as .gif and name the file.
    5. Save the file.
Copy this file to your \public\html directory or a separate \photo or \images directory under the html directory if you choose to create one. Rapid filer in LAN Workplace is a good tool for this. You can now reference the image from your page.

If you need assistance, ask the lab consultants or mail me, GeoffHarkness at .