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"There never was a bad man that had ability for good service" Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Who We Are

The Service Crystallography Special Interest Group was formed to provide a forum for professional service crystallographers. The membership serves in both academia and industry and consists of both small-molecule and macromolecular crystallographers. Membership is open to any ACA member who wishes to join.

What We Do

Much of our fun takes place at the national meeting of the American Crystallographic Association. The next ACA Meeting will take place in Chicago, Illinois from July 24 to July 29, 2010.   A primary meeting activity of the SIG is the sponsoring of scientific sessions of special interest to service crystallographers. Sessions co-sponsored by the Service SIG this year include "Absolute Structure Determination; where are we now?”, “Data Collection Strategies", “Would you Publish This II?”, and “Handling Disorder in Crystal Structures - Crystal structures made difficult by the number, order or occupancy of solvent molecules.”

The Service SIG Business Meeting will be held jointly with the Small Molecule SIG Tuesday (July 27, 2010) at 12:00 pm. Here we make plans for the following year's meeting and discuss various topics of specific interest to the SIG membership.  Take advantage of these opportunities to participate and meet some of your fellow service SIGgers.


SIG Projects

SCrAPS... Service Crystallography at Advanced Photon Sources

2007 Service SIG Survey can be found at

Some Links of Interest to Crystallographers

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Click here to see a list of Service Crystallography SIG Officers, past and present.

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