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Jeanette Krause Bauer, University of Cincinnatti

Paul Boyle, North Carolina State Univ.

Jim Britten, McMaster University

Patrick Carroll, University of Pennsylvania

Fred Einstein, Simon Fraser University

Jack Faller, Yale University

Steven Geib, University of Pittsburgh

Patricia A. Goodson, University of Wyoming

Karl S. Hagen, Emory University

Frederick J. Hollander, University of California, Berkeley

John Huffman, Indiana University

Margaret Kastner, Bucknell University

Tony Linden, University of Zurich

Alan J. Lough, University of Toronto

Robert McDonald, University of Alberta

Masood Parvez, University of Calgary

Nicholas Payne, University of Western Ontario

Doug Powell, University of Kansas

Bill R., location unknown

Joseph H. Reibenspies, Texas A&M University

Arnold L. Rheingold, University of Delaware

John F. Richardson, University of Louisville

Ward Robinson, University of Canterbury

G. Graham Shipley, Boston University School of Medicine

Thayumanasamy Somasundaram (Soma), Florida State University Inst. of Mol. Biophysics

Ton Spek, Utrecht University

Richard J. Staples, Harvard University.....Lab page

Charles E. Strouse, UCLA

Don Ward, Michigan State University

Paul G. Williard, Brown University

Scott R. Wilson, University of Illinois

Victor G. Young, University of Minnesota

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