Conflict Transformation 


Tolerance Education in the Kyrgyz Republic


Due to severe ethnic tensions and in some cases, extreme violence in the Osh and Jalal-Abad Oblasts (regions) in the late 1980's, a Conflict Transformation & Tolerance Education Project was launched in the Kyrgyz Republic to promote the teaching and practice of conflict resolution skills. This project encourages schools to address themes of prejudice and non-violent conflict resolution involving different ethnic groups through the creation of story books. This initiative has been enriched by the development of workshops about participatory methodology for representatives of most schools in the six Oblasts in the Republic.

"Tolerance  is defined in the project materials as a process of increasing the understanding of all parties and one where negotiated compromise is often required. In promoting tolerance, one of the teachers' key roles is therefore to teach conflict resolution skills and to give their students the opportunity to practise these skills, so differing opinions can be expressed, understood and challenged in a manageable environment. Through this process students will  then have the skills to resolve, in non-violent ways and without an unnecessary loss of rights, the problems that they face, as well as developing tolerance of the different ethnic groups in their community."

For more details:
The Conflict Transformation and Tolerance Education Project  (word)   (pdf)
Titles and Objectives of the Workshops (word)  (pdf)

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