This is the trestle I built. It's 42 inches high by 87.5 inches long, and 10 bricks wide.

The basic structure is an 8 by 8 cross pattern. This continues around in a square. There are 209 sets of these, totalling between 10,000 and 12,000 bricks.

Construction was pretty straight forward. The ends are 2xn bricks wrapped around the table leg for support. The only problem I had was when I connected the 2 ends together in the middle. I also had problems photographing it. I couldn't get far enouph away to get the whole thing in. It originally started out to be one color, but I quickly ran out. The one end is white, the other red, the top layer is black, but the middle is a muddle.

I have 5 views:

View one Side view

View two Close side view

View three View from on bridge

View four Underneath, looking toward bank

View four Underneath, looking up

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