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Grad Expo

About Grad Expo

The Grad Expo is an all day event where Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences graduate students from a variety of disciplines present papers and posters to their fellow students, faculty, and other members of the Pitt community. This event provides the opportunity for graduate students to gain experience in presenting their research as well as fostering interdisciplinary communication amongst the departments and programs within the School of Arts and Sciences. It is an opportunity for students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to be exposed to practices and concepts which, while possibly foreign to their field, might nevertheless enrich their work and certainly their academic experience at The University of Pittsburgh.

This year's Grad Expo took place on Thursday, March 22, 2012. You can view images from the event.

Grad Expo 2012 Outstanding Presenters

Outstanding presenters are listed in alphabetical order. This year's outstanding presenters are:

  • Poster Session A:
    • Zhiting Li, Chemistry: Atmospheric Oxidation of Suspended an SiO2 Supported Graphene
    • Erica McGreevy, Biological Sciences: Analysis of Novel Interactions between Shroom3 and Planar Cell Polarity Signaling during Neural Tube Closure
    • George Meindl, Biological Sciences: The Influence of Serpentine Soil Chemistry on Plant Morphology and Plan-Animal Interactions: an Experimental Test of the Common Monkey-Flower, Mimulus Guttatus
    • Sara Smith, Chemistry: In Vitro Metabolism of Ceratamine A and B
    • Patrick Straney, Chemistry: Robust, Bottom-up Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles for Scalable Manufacturing
  • Poster Session B:
    • Gerardo Arceo, Biological Sciences: Long Live the Flower: Increasing Flower Longevity with Increasing Community Diversity
    • Matthew Koski, Biological Sciences: How Pollinators See It: Variation in an Ultraviolet Floral Trait
    • Timothy Licquia, Physics and Astronomy: What is the Color of the Milky Way?
    • Berhane Messay, Psychology: The Influence of Heart Rate Variability on the Inflammatory Response to Acute Psychological Stress
    • Kathryn Micko, Chemistry: Evaluating the Flowing Afterglow for Real Time Identification and Quantification of Multiple VOCs
  • Panel 1:
    1. Olga Klimova, Slavic: Visualizing Post-Stalinist Youth: The Change of Ideological Climate and the Genre of Soviet Youth Films
    2. Marcus Adams, History and Philosophy of Science: Maker's Knowledge and Underdetermination in Hobbesian Natural Philosophy
    3. Kaitlyn Myers, Music: “You must be quiet so that we can hear” Ballads and Memory in an Irish Traditional Session
    4. Tracy Stepien, Math: Stretch-dependent Proliferation in a One-dimensional Elastic Continuum Model of Cell Layer Migration
  • Panel 2:
    1. Lauren Ross, History and Philosophy of Science: Value, Dysmenorrhea and the Definition of Disease
    2. Kristina Hopkins, Geology and Planetary Science: Rerouting Urban Waters: A Historic Examination of the Age of Imperviousness
    3. Elizabeth Self, History of Art & Architecture: Preaching on the Margins: The Depiction of Outcasts in the Ippen HIrjiri-e
    4. Christopher Jones, Mathematics: The Mathematician and the Mortgage
  • Panel 3:
    1. Donald Simpson, History of Art & Architecture: Civic Center and Cultural Center: Keywords for Architectural and Urban Planning
    2. Alison Hale, Biological Sciences: Impacts of the Allelopathic Invader, Garlic Mustard, on Native Plant Carbon Acquisition and Allocation
    3. Laura Cabrera, French & Italian: Relevance of Authorial Voice in Fontamara
    4. Taylor Hahn, Communication and Rhetoric: Understanding Ororo: Analyzing Marvel Comic's Storm through a Black Feminist Lens
  • Panel 4:
    1. Elay Shech, History and Philosophy of Science: Assume a Spherical Cow: Essential Idealization in Physics
    2. Stephen Hager, Music: Wacongo Dance Company: The Ethics and Aesthetics of African Music and Dance Performance in Pittsburgh
    3. Justin Sevenker, English: Provocations: Teacher Memoir and a New Vision of Education
    4. Holman Tse, Linguistics: Consonant and Tone Interaction in Cantonese

Grad Expo 2012 Program

We are so excited about this year's coming Grad Expo! While we finish organizing the event and working on the official program, we've decided to share with you an unofficial program.

Grad Expo 2012 Room Assignments

The Grad Expo table will be outside the entry to the William Pitt Union Assembly room. All room locations listed are in the William Pitt Union.

Poster SessionTimeLocation
Session 'A'10:00AM-12:00PMBallroom
Session 'B'1:30PM-3:30PMKurtzman Room

Panel SessionPanel 'A' LocationPanel 'B' LocationPanel 'C' LocationPanel 'D' Location
9:30AM-11:00AMRoom 527Room 539Room 540Room 837
11:15AM-12:45Room 527Room 539Room 540Room 837
1:00PM-2:30PMRoom 527Room 539Room 540Room 837
2:45PM-4:15PMRoom 527Room 539Room 540Room 837

Special EventTimeLocation
Teaching Philosophy in Action Round Table Discussion2:45PM-4:15PMRoom 316
Reception and Awards Presentation5:30PMKurtzman Room

Snacks will be in the Assembly Room during the duration of the Grad Expo.