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Grad Expo

Categories for 2016 Grad Expo Abstract Submission

The abstract submission form is available at http://tinyurl.com/pittgradexpo16 and will remain open until Monday, February 1, 2016. Late submissions will not be accepted!

Abstract submissions will be accepted in four categories, detailed below. Outstanding presenters in each category will receive a prize stipend to be used for conference travel or the purchase of research materials.

I. Engage in Research of Impact: Research Focused on The Human Mind, Body, and Society

Global warming, war, disease, poverty, and the economy are just a few of the pressures that impact individual health and wellness, as well as human societies as a whole. The focus of this theme is impactful research toward the better understanding of the human response to the various external factors that shape who and what we are. Examples include research focused on healthcare, disease, crime, societal issues, politics, communication, and the humanities.

II. Engage in Research of Impact: Research Focused on Technology and The Natural Environment

Technological advances and human knowledge continue to grow at an increasingly rapid pace. Much of this innovation and growth directly impacts the ways that humans interact with the natural environment. Potential topics within this theme can range from the technical, natural, and physical sciences and include ongoing and developing methods of energy extraction and clean energy, agriculture, communication, our understanding of the universe and much more. For this category, we invite submissions that explore and reflect on theories and practices that impact the human relationship with the natural and physical environment.

III. Strengthen Communities: Research Focused on Elevating University and Citywide Communities

The City of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh are both communities in constant flux, with many challenges in society, economy, and infrastructure. This theme welcomes research on elevating these communities at both the university or the city scale, ranging from existing problems, such as infrastructure or crime, to bringing new advances and opportunities. This category is meant for research focused on strengthening the University of Pittsburgh, or the City of Pittsburgh itself.

IV. Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Research Focused on Diversity Issues at the University and Global Scale

Diversity and inclusion of various cultures, genders, and generations within organizations is key to their survival and success. It is critical to the connection between organizations and the communities they depend on, as well as creating more open minded and goal oriented individuals within. Issues of diversity exist within the University of Pittsburgh and globally. Therefore research efforts exploring issues of diversity critical to cultivating stronger organizations, elevating individuals, and strengthening communities are encouraged for this category.