Human Information Processing 

Fall 2004 (05-1)

Instructor: Dr. Stephen Hirtle
    Office: B201 IS Building
    Office Phone: 624-9434
GSA: Denis Nkweteyim 
    Office: B204 IS Building
    Office Phone: 624-1178
Class Meets: Tuesday & Thursday, 11:00-12:15pm,   207 LAWRN
Prerequisite: INFSCI 0010/0011 and an introductory psychology course

Last Update: Aug 25, 2004

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Introduction to research and theory on topics in human cognition including: perception, attention, pattern recognition, memory, representation of knowledge, language, problem solving, reasoning, and learning, with emphasis on the relationship to computer models of these processes and implications of this body of knowledge for building information systems.


The following textbook is required and should be purchased at the bookstore or through your favorite on-line distributor, such as   You should note that we will be using the brand new Fourth Edition of the textbook. Do not buy the older edition.

D. L. Medin, B. H. Ross and A. Markman (2005)
Cognitive Psychology, 4th Edition.

Wiley. ISBN: 0-471-45820-1

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