Inf Sci 3082 Description

Research Seminar: Spatial Cognition

Spring 1996 (96-2)

CRN: 43980

Instructor: Dr. Stephen Hirtle
Office: 735 LIS Building
Office Phone: 624-9434
Office Hours: Wednesday 3:00-5:00, or by appointment
Seminar Meets:Wednesdays, 12:00-2:00pm, SLIS 403

Please note: Conceptually, this seminar is in the Cognitive Science area, not Systems/Technology, as listed.

Important Notes

  • The Spatial Reasoning page by Amitabha Mukerjee provides additional interesting sources, which we may want to explore.
  • George Furnas presents a series of important research areas on his home page, including links to relevant papers, which are worth reviewing for this seminar.
    Overview. You are welcome to participate in one of two ways, either informally or for credit. Those taking it for credit will be required to make a presentation during the term and write a short summary paper on the topic of your choosing at the end of the term. Those attending informally may or may not present, depending on your level of interest.

    This is a research, and not a doctoral, seminar. As such, it will be less structured. PhD students may count up to two research seminars towards the seminar requirement for the degree.

    Some of the issues that we might discuss include:

    Articles that we might review include: