INFSCI 3330: Doctoral Seminar: Cognitive
Spatial Information Theory

Pre: Doctoral Student
W 12:00 - 2:50P IS 502
S. Hirtle

Spatial Information Theory is concerned with the understanding and the use of spatial information across a wide variety of contexts. Spatial information theory forms the underpinnings to developments in geographic information systems, navigation systems, virtual reality, metaphorical use of spatial concepts, and various aspects of scientific visualization. Specific topics of the seminar will include formal approaches to spatial reasoning, empirical studies on human spatial cognition, and the use of spatial metaphors in web browsing.

The goal of the seminar is to review current literature in the area and develop one or more projects that relate to spatial information theory. The seminar will build on recent work in the Spatial Information Science Research Interest Group and work published in outlets such Spatial Cognition and Computation, GIScience, and COSIT. During the first half of the seminar, each student will be asked to review 2-3 papers per week and lead one or more discussions on those papers. During the second half of the seminar, each student will help develop prototypes of future spatial appliances.