Doctoral Seminar: Data Representation

Fall 1998 (99-1)

Instructor: Dr. Stephen Hirtle
Office: 735 IS Building
Office Phone: 624-9434
Seminar Meets: Monday, 12:00-2:50pm, IS 533
CRN: 39196

Class Notes and Links

In this seminar, we will be examining three inter-related topics.

  1. We will be participating in virtual graduate seminar ( on Geographic Information Science with Oregon State, San Diego State, Minnesota, Georgia, and LSU. Topics to be discussed include geographic representations, issues of scale in representing geographic content, and distributed computing for geographic data.
  2. In conjunction with the upcoming workshop on Cognitive Models Of Dynamic Phenomena And Their Representations (, we will examine in some detail the representations of dynamic data and the dynamic representation of static data.
  3. The increasing use of data mining and knowledge discovery techniques ( will be examined as a possible method for extracting data representations.

During the first meeting details of these three topics will be described. Participants in the seminar will have a chance to shape the direction of the seminar among the three topics listed above or to extend the notion of data representations to other related topics. There will be weekly readings, presentations, and a term paper required of all participants in the seminar.